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Vision & Mission


To be a model County Assembly that is proactive in service delivery to the people of Bungoma County.



To facilitate the County Assembly discharge its Constitutional mandate efficiently and effectively.


Core Values

Core values are central guiding principles meant to guide on valued behavior and form the basis of the County Assembly of Bungoma entrenched culture. The core values would then affirm what the Assembly stands for, what drives it, its belief and what directs its decisions, action; intra and inter relationships.

The Assembly Service espouses the following core values:

a) Transparency and Accountability in all undertakings. It is the aspiration of the County Assembly that it ensures that all its activities are undertaken in ways that are track-able, and follow clear approved procedures. That officers shall be responsible for decisions that they make and shall be held accountable.

b) Professionalism and Integrity in our operations. There shall be training of staff and correct placement of high level of competence of officers who are able to ensure teamwork and gain public trust. There shall be systems put in place to ensure integrity as exemplified through honesty and truthfulness as part of professional service.

c) Inclusiveness: The Assembly as a representative institution is composed of diverse groups of people including youth, the minority, marginalized, those with disability, men and women of different ethnic extractions. This is necessary to ensure that all sectors of Bungoma community are well represented and have the opportunity to make their voices heard.

d) Human Dignity: At the core of the Assembly’s constitutional mandate lies the ultimate goal to enhance the human dignity of the Bungoma residents. For that reason, the Assembly will always ensure that the execution of its duties goes a long way in benefitting and bettering the lives of the people of Bungoma County.

e) Social Justice and Equity: In sustaining the realization of social justice; the functions and operations of the County Assembly of Bungoma shall be recognized in the County and ensure equitable access to services.